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  • WireWorld SILVER ELECTRA 7 SEP Power Cord

WireWorld SILVER ELECTRA 7 SEP Power Cord

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€450.00 / pc


Quick Overview:

Featuring ultra-pure OCC silver-clad copper conductors, Silver Electra 7 provides neutral tone quality with resolution and dynamics bettered only by the Platinum.

Available in 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m & 3.0m Lengths
€450.00 / pc

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€450.00 / pc


The Silver Electra 7 is a near reference standard power cord designed to give you exceptional performance in high-end AV systems. Silver Electra features Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) Silver-Clad conductors and Silver-Clad Copper alloy.

Wireworld power cords are designed to solve a completely different set of problems to audio and video cables. An ideal audio or video cable would pass the entire frequency range without alteration. However, an ideal power cord would pass only the 50Hz or 60Hz AC power, while blocking all other frequencies, to prevent power line noise and harmonics from degrading the sound and imaging quality of the system.

Wireworld power cords feature superior shielding & moulded IEC plug featuring silver-clad copper alloy contacts as standard, except Platinum Electra which is fitted with wired IEC utilising OCC® silver-clad copper contacts.

All of the Series 7 cables feature Composilex 2 insulation technology, which minimizes the triboelectric noise produced by conventional insulation materials. Many understand that insulation materials influence the performance of a cable. Wireworld created unique polymer composites designed specifically to optimize fidelity. The benefits of Composilex 2 are especially noticeable on Series 7 Power cables where the reduced interference preserves the purity of the original sound thereby greatly improves performance. These new materials push the boundaries of there expectations for fidelity by letting us hear, see and feel more than ever before.

To achieve that objective, they developed the Fluxfield Technology™, a unique internal structure incorporating Composilex® 2 insulation materials, which maximizes inductive and capacitive fi ltering to absorb power line noise and damp the electrical resonances that other cords and power conditioners cannot tame. Among the innovations of this design are dual low-impedance shields, which are closely coupled to the conductors to cancel unwanted energy.

- Wireworld Silver Electra 7, Power Cable
- Flat design, 7/8 inch wide x 3/8 inch thick and is very flexible to make installation easier
- Wire Gauge: 12 AWG
- Materials: Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) Silver-Clad conductors
- Insulation: Composilex 2 Insulation reduces interference and greatly improves performance
- Globe-Grip Plug, making life easier for you to remove the power cable from your equipment with ease
- Suitable for use in any application requiring an IEC(C13) connector
- High current handling capabilities
- Lifetime Warranty


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