CD players

With a good CD player, you get the best possible sound quality from your stereo system.

  1. Accuphase DC-901 MDSD Digital Processor

    €17,680.00 / each


    The DC-901 showcases Accuphase’s mastery of sophisticated digital technology and creative circuit topology. It is a digital processor designed to bring out everything the SA-CD format has to offer. A new technique called MDSD allows straight D/A conversion of the DSD signal. Learn More
  2. Accuphase DP-410 MDS CD Player

    €5,180.00 / each


    The Accuphase-developed CD drive in the DP-410 features an extremely rigid and ultra precise transport mechanism that attains new levels of performance. The low center of gravity and the quiet and smooth loading mechanism also contribute to the quality of signal reproduction. Learn More
  3. Accuphase DP-510 MDS CD Player

    €6,830.00 / each


    The DP-510 is the successor to the DP-500. 
    The CD mechanism in the DP-510 was developed with a simple yet demanding aim: extract the information encoded on the CD one-hundred percent. Accuphase has created an extremely rigid and ultra precise transport mechanism that attains new levels of performance.  Learn More
  4. Accuphase DP-550 MDS SA-CD Player

    €10,340.00 / each


    The DP-550 features an exclusive mechanism developed in-house by Accuphase and benefits in many ways from the advanced technology of the flagship models. It is a high-performance integrated SA-CD/CD player that represents the fruits of intensive research and many extended listening sessions. Learn More
  5. Accuphase DP-720 MDSD SA-CD Player

    €16,690.00 / each


    The DP-720 is an integrated SA-CD/CD player that reflects the superb know-how of the DP-900/DC-901 combo, aiming for top performance in the integrated category. As appropriate for a high-end player, the DP-720 features the latest versions of major Accuphase in-house developments: a high-precision SA-CD/CD drive and an advanced MDSD type D/A converter. Learn More
  6. Accuphase DP-900 SA-CD Transport

    €17,680.00 / each


    The SA-CD drive in the DP-900 was developed in-house by Accuphase to assure the best possible performance. Its ultra-massive design combines superior rigidity with outstanding accuracy. Compared to a CD drive, an SA-CD drive has a higher revolution rate, and pickup positioning accuracy as well as suppression of vibrations must be of a higher order, to allow full access to the enormous amount of information stored on the disc. Learn More
  7. Arcam FMJ CDS27 SACD/CD/Network streaming player

    €929.00 / each
    The CDS27 offers outstanding performance from all forms of compatible audio media. Music from SACDs and CDs and network is delivered with outstanding quality to the very highest standards currently available. Using Arcam’s unique and hard won engineering expertise the CDS27 delivers a truly exceptional performance, regardless of the media used. Learn More
  8. Arcam FMJ UDP411 Universal disc player

    €1,420.00 / each
    The UDP411 embraces movie and music playback, offering outstanding performance in both disciplines. Unlike most BluRay machines music from SACDs and CDs is delivered with outstanding quality while movie performance with either 2D or 3D films is to the very highest standards currently available. Using Arcam’s unique and hard won engineering expertise the UDP411 delivers a truly emotional portrayal of your favourite discs, delivering blockbuster experiences straight to your arm chair. Learn More
  9. Ayon Audio CD-07s Tube CD Player

    €2,690.00 / each

    AYON AUDIO CD-07s Tube CD Player / USB DAC 

    The CD-07s is a dramatic rethinking of conventional based tube CD-Player industrial designs and represents an absolutely new standard in its price category. It was created to embody in a more affordable CD-Player, all the know-how and expertise acquired developing reference products.

    This CD-Player now incorporates many advanced technologies aspects and superior aesthetic from Ayon's upper CD-Player line. 

    The CD-07s provides exquisite musicality with transparency, dynamic, air, harmonics and resolution. Learn More
  10. Ayon Audio CD-1sx Tube CD Player

    €3,840.00 / each

    AYON AUDIO CD-1sx Tube CD Player / DAC DSD

    Ayon is pleased to introduce the CD-1sx, a totally new redesign of our already very highly regarded CD-1sc model offering. The CD-1sx is also prepared for computer playback. The CD-1sx is in many respects a ground-breaking CD-Player design with a new advanced technology like a new single-ended 6H30 output stage and DAC. This CD-Player is presenting a new level of musical performance with stunning vitality, clarity, natural warmth, superb dynamic contrasts and besides all of them a superb construction quality. The CD-1sx is one of the finest CD-Player with vacuum-tube output stage in their class. Learn More