Speaker Packages

If you are setting up a home cinema system for the first time then a speaker package is a great way to get a full configuration in place quickly and offers excellent value for money. Modern cinemas use speakers placed around the walls to project sound at you from all angles and give the impression that you’re in the thick of the action. A home cinema system can recreate this experience in your living room. 2.1 - For the clutter conscious, these systems do away with the rear and centre speakers, leaving only the sub-woofer and 2 front speakers. They attempt to pull off a pseudo surround-sound effect with a mixture of electronic processing and audio conjuring tricks. However, we have yet to hear a 2.1 system that can successfully mimic a proper 5.1 sound. Instead they tend to produce a wall of sound, deep with bass. 5.1 - Refers to the number of speakers in a kit – 5 surround-sound speakers plus 1 bass speaker, known as a sub-woofer. 7.1 - This system means you can add an extra rear speakers for an enhanced effect.