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  • QED Reference Quartz Digital Optical Cable
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QED Reference Quartz Digital Optical Cable

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€94.00 / each
SKU: Reference Quartz Digital Optical


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Reference Optical Quartz is the first of its kind, consisting of 210 separate boro-silicate glass fibres. The cable allows you to experience stunning sound when connecting DACs, TV’s, CD players and Blu-Ray players to amplifiers or receivers because it has a much higher bandwidth and only 1/10th of the attenuation of traditional acrylic fibres. Reference Optical Quartz vastly exceeds the demands for high definition multi-channel digital audio with a bandwidth of over 150MHz which is totally unaffected by bending the cable.

Available in 0.6m, 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m & 3.0m Lengths

€94.00 / each

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€94.00 / each


Glasscore™ Technology - Straighter Paths, Less Jitter

Conventional optical fibres are usually made from an acrylic glass material known as PMMA. The acrylic core allows the light to take many different length paths through the cable which is fine for most regular digital audio signals but does increase timing differences and jitter which high quality equipment will pick up on. Glasscore™ uses 210 tiny fibres smaller than a human hair which direct the signal down a straighter path through the cable keeping jitter to a minimum and delivering perfectly timed audio.

QED yet again continue to bring their excellent research results into the development of a new cable. The QED Reference Quartz Optical boasts a first of its kind Glasscore™ technology - a conductor packed with 210 boro-silicate glass fibres. This cable massively exceeds the bandwidth required for high definition surround sound broadcasts meaning stunning sound if you're using it to connect sources to AV amplifiers. 

QED have proven with undoubted success their ability to nurture and develop award-winning technologies. This time, Glasscore™ technology employs multiple bundles of ultra-fine boro-silicate glass optical fibres to send the differing light rays on a similar path which virtually eliminates timing error and results in less distortion and jitter.

The QED Reference Quartz Optical also supports 12MHz bandwidth, over double the capacity of conventional digital optical cables using single acrylic glass fibres. Multi-channel HD audio will sound as good as it possibly can do.

QED Reference Quartz Optical Features

Glasscore™ technology - 210 boro-silicate glass fibres at the core
Each fibre is clad in low Refractive Index to guide the signal
12MHz Bandwidth
Ultra low jitter and virtually no timing differences
Protective PVC outer jacket
Polished metal barrel
Precision engineered plug with integrated grip


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