AV pre-amp/processors

  1. Classé Sigma SSP Surround Sound Processor

    €8,950.00 / each


    The Sigma SSP is a 7.1 channel preamp/processor optimized for stereo but including HDMI switching, multichannel processing and bass management. Its wide variety of input connectors includes asynchronous USB and Ethernet for streaming, augmented by coax and optical; balanced and single-ended analog inputs plus an optional phono stage show how versatile this preamp/processor is despite its compact size. A host of performance-oriented features including digital domain tone/tilt control, and nine-band per channel parametric EQ ensure the best performance with each recording in every room. Learn More
  2. Classé SSP-800 Surround Sound Processor

    €8,950.00 / each
    The surround sound processor is the core of a high-end home theater system. It is the conduit through which all source signals flow and it performs the critical tasks of decoding various audio formats, converting digital signals to analog, and then pre-amplifying the analog signals in as pure a manner as possible. Learn More
  3. Marantz AV8802A Network AV Pre-Amplifier

    €3,780.00 / each

    Marantz AV8802A AV Processor with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

    Experience the ultimate in home theater enjoyment with the Marantz AV8802A network A/V surround processor/pre-amp/tuner, which combines advanced DSP and DAC technologies along with exclusive Marantz innovations such as HDAM and Current Feedback. Enjoy the ultimate in cinematic surround sound with Dolby Atmos, the most advanced motion picture surround sound system ever developed. Learn More
  4. McIntosh MX122 A/V Processor

    €8,490.00 / each

    Dolby Atmos, DTS:X & Auro-3D, 4K Ultra HD,
    High Dynamic Range, AirPlay, Bluetooth

    The MX122 A/V Processor can serve as the brain center for an advanced home theater system for years to come. It features many of the latest breakthroughs in surround sound and object-based 3D audio such as Dolby® Atmos, and will be upgradable to support DTS:X™ and Auro-3D®. Besides 3D audio, existing formats like Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio™ and others still work so you can keep enjoying your existing movie collection Learn More
  5. McIntosh MX160 A/V Processor

    €16,940.00 / each

    Supports Dolby Atmos & Auro-3D 4K Ultra HD
    native content & upscaling

    The MX160 A/V Processor is teeming with all the latest home theater technologies to give you a luxury entertainment experience in the comfort of your home. It supports new object-based 3D audio formats including Dolby® Atmos and Auro-3D® and will be upgradable to support DTS:X™. RoomPerfect™ room correction technology will adjust the audio to the specific acoustics of your room – further enhancing the sonic innovations of these newest audio codecs. Learn More
  6. NAD M17 AV Surround Sound Preamp Processor

    €6,450.00 / single

    Surround yourself with perfection.

    Surround yourself with perfection. The M17 carries on the enviable task of representing NAD’s finest surround sound performance. Infinite possibilities await thanks to the M17’s most impressive feature, Modular Design Construction (MDC), our proven method for preventing premature obsolescence. Dolby® TrueHD™, DTS® Master Audio™ and NAD’s innovative EARS™ (stereo-to-surround) circuits deliver hyper-realism that captures every dimension of a performance. Add bit-perfect video processing and the M17 delivers the most accurate sound and image experience you’ve ever had. The M17 is second-to-none in terms of flexibility and up-to-the-minute digital technology. Learn More
  7. NAD M27 Seven-Channel Power Amplifier

    €4,790.00 / single

    Completely immerse yourself in the moment.

    Completely immerse yourself in the moment. With seven channels of massive power, the M27 can effortlessly create a truly realistic surround sound experience that will transport you directly into a new hyper-reality. Rated at 180W continuous power per channel, the M27 will provide over 300W dynamic power per channel with all channels driven. The M27 can accept both balanced and single-ended inputs, and features high-quality binding posts for speaker connection. The compact dimensions of this highly energy-efficient design belie the massive amount of power available for the most demanding music and movies. Learn More
  8. NAD T 187 Surround Sound Preamp Processor

    €2,649.00 / single

    Full 3D Video, Top-Level DAC

    Designed for those who prefer performance with flexibility, the T 187 Surround Sound Preamp Processor is the perfect separate surround processor accompaniment to any high performance multi-channel power amplifier. You’ll find support for all the latest video and surround sound formats, including full 3D video, along with all the control in this compact, streamlined chassis. Setting a new standard for quality and overall performance, the T 187 shows off NAD’s expertise in digital decoding. The T 187 also includes our proprietary Modular Design Construction (MDC) for the added convenience and flexibility of future upgrades. Learn More
  9. ONKYO PR-SC5530 11.2-Channel Network A/V Controller

    €2,699.00 / each

    Revealing the Soul of High-Resolution Entertainment (HDMI 2.0)

    Bringing next-generation audio and video processing together with flagship connectivity and audiophile build quality, the PR-SC5530 represents the ultimate in A/V separates technology. This THX® Ultra2™ Plus-certified controller supports Ultra HD video at 60 Hz with HDCP 2.2 via HDMI® 2.0, with Qdeo™ 4K upscaling technology and ISF video calibration ensuring the absolute best picture quality possible, even from low-resolution sources. Learn More