Customer Service


Items in our catalog are sent by regular post or by courier DPD, only for packets over 31,5 to 40,0 kg. For especially large volumes/amounts, an international transport organization will be recommended. We do not send per cash on delivery into foreign countries! Please pay in advance with IBAN - BIC bank transfer directly after your order - for the reason of immediately delivery service. You will find our bank account in the footer "How to pay" on our websites!

Shipping and Handling
We offer free shipping of all items on orders over 2000€ for EU-Countries. For orders coming outside European countries we invoice shipping costs depending on real expense

Just one more reason, to shop at eShop are the low transport costs!

Our delivery times. You can depend on them.

Our delivery time calculator will show you the standard delivery times you can rely on when you use our DPD CLASSIC service. When you ship with DPD GUARANTEE we even guarantee that the indicated delivery time will be met to the very day. Fast delivery is automatic when you ship with DPD EXPRESS.

 International delivery times                               

Dilevery to DPD CLASSIC
 (delivery time in work days)
 (delivery time in work days)
Finland 1-3 -
Sweden 2-4 5
Austria 4-6 4
Belgium 4-5 4
Czech Rebublic 4-6 4
Denmark 4-6 4
France 5-7 5
Germany 4-5 4
Luxembourg 4-6 4
Holland 4-6 4
Slovakia 4-6 4
Poland 2-4 3
UK 6 5
Hungary 5-6 -
Italy 5-6 -
Slovenia 4-6 -
Croatia 4-6 -
Bulgaria 6-7 -
Romania 5-6 -
Norway* 5-7 -
Switzerland* 5-7 -
Spain 5-6 -
Ireland 6-7 -
Portugal 7 -
Creece* 7-8 -
  • Delivery times in work days. Pickup day is day 0.
  • DPD Classic delivery times are estimated not guaranteed.
  • DPD Guarantee delivery times are in work days and guaranteed.
  • In case of additional service Collection Request 1-2 work day will be added to the delivery time.
  • In Finland Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo zone delivery to private persons will take place on work days at 16:00-20:00, other Finland within the work day. Phone call by courier before the delivery is not mandatory.
  • When delivering a parcel to Norway or Switzerland
  • *Countries in Europe that do not offer parcel transportation to Estonia.