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  • Clearaudio Smart Phono V2 MM and MC
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Clearaudio Smart Phono V2 MM and MC Preamplifier

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€520.00 / each
SKU: CA Smart Phono V2


Quick Overview:

Clearaudio Smart Phono Headphone V2 MM and MC Preamplifier

A light 620-gram phonostage that seduced the worldwide audio press. The only thing that is 'entry level' about this product is its price.
The Smart Phono Headphone V2 additionally contains a powerful headphone amplifier within the solid aluminium housing for private listening at the highest fidelity.


A minimalist aluminium housing that contains one of the best sounding electronics in its market. Up to 54 decibels gain at one kilohertz and an extremely linear frequency response deliver unprecedented quality at this price point. For MM and MC cartridges there are two separate circuit designs using SMD technology, which are selected by a slide switch on the underside.


AMPLIFICATION @ 1 KHZ 54 - 68 dB (MC mode)
34 - 48 dB (MM mode)
INPUT IMPEDANCE 50 Ohm, 100 Ohm, 500 Ohm, 1 kOhm, 5 kOhm / 150 pF, 250 pF, 400 pF / MC mode
47 kOhm / 150 pF, 250 pF, 400 pF / MM mode
MM / MC INPUT switchable (at bottom)
SUBSONIC FILTER switchable (at bottom)
RIAA delay time: 75 μs / 318 μs / 3180 μs
RIAA ACCURACY ± 0.3 dB @ 10 Hz - 100 kHz
THD < 0,004% MC ("A" weighted @ 1 kHz / -1 dB @ Max)
HEADROOM 18 dB / MC (Gain Control on MAX)
SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO 72 dB / MC ("A" Weighted)
85 dB / MM ("A" Weighted)
CHANNEL SEPARATION > 90 dB @ 1 kHz / opposed channel hot-wired
MAX. OUTPUT VOLTAGE 10 V eff. (1 kHz)
POWER SUPPLY ± 18 V DC / 300 mA (external power supply)
POWER CONSUMPTION Max. consumption: 2.7 Watt
Consumption in operation: 2.7 Watt
Off mode: 0.0 Watt
TOTAL WEIGHT Approx. 600 gram (Preamp and power supply)
DIMENSIONS (W/D/H in inches)         3.74 x 4.92 x 1.34
DIMENSIONS (W/D/H in mm) 95 x 125 x 34
WARRANTY 3 years*
* Only if the Manufacturer's guarantee card is filled out correctly and
sent back within 2 weeks to Clearaudio.


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