1. TEAC AI-101DA Integrated Amplifier with USB DAC

    €299.00 / each

      High quality Wireless Audio Streaming by Bluetooth® aptX® Codec

    Defining the Micro Component, Stunning Audio Performance for the next generation The AI-101DA is a bible-sized USB DAC Amplifier designed all-in-one for the next generation, who mainly use a computer and smartphone. Learn More
  2. TEAC AI-301DA Pre-main Amplifier

    €499.00 / each

    Pre-main Amplifier fitted with Bluetooth®, USB and a Digital-to-analog Converter

    This product signals the beginning of a new chapter for TEAC, with both high-resolution audio and Bluetooth® playback in a single-box product. The AI-301DA supports the aptX® codec which offers high sound quality wireless playback capability via Bluetooth® hardware. Besides high quality sound, the aptX® codec also offers low latency and an excellent error recovery function, both crucial features for achieving the best audio performance.

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  3. TEAC AI-501DA Integrated Amplifier

    €799.00 / each

    High-Quality Sound in a Modern Hi-Fi System – The Smarter Way
    Integrated Amplifier with 192kHz USB Audio Input and Low Power Consumption

    The AI-501DA integrated power amplifier with 192kHz USB digital audio inputs and low power consumption is the powerhouse of TEAC's new 501 series. Hosting a BurrBrown PCM5102 D/A Converter, USB connectivity, Class-D ABLETEC Norway amplifier and a toroidal-core power transformer makes the AI-501DA a key component for the 501 series or any other 2-channel audio system.

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  4. TEAC AX-501 Integrated amplifier

    €849.00 / each

    A Truly Smart and High-Quality Hi-Fi System 

    ABLETEC Class-D Power Amplifier with Maximum Available Output of 120W +120W (4 ohms). Fully-balanced' analog circuitry pre-amp, high power digital amp and XLR balanced inputs Learn More
  5. TEAC CD-P650 CD Player with USB Recording

    €249.00 / each

    CD Player with many Functions

    The full-featured CD-P650 from TEAC combines a CD player, with USB and iPod playback for a variety of playback in one component. It plays standard CDs as well as MP3 discs, allowing hours of playback from a single disc. The front panel buttons navigate through subfolders to find your music. Music is converted through a high-quality Burr Brown 1791ADBR with 192kHz/24-bit resolution. Compact discs are clamped onto a center-mounted drive mechanism for minimal vibration, reducing jitter distortion for clearer sound.  Learn More
  6. TEAC CD-P800NT Network/CD Player

    €399.00 / each

    Versatile CD Player that also lets you enjoy internet radio and subscription music services,
    as well as high-resolution music streaming

    The CD-P800NT is a versatile CD player that, as well as conventional CD playback, also offers a built-in network audio capability compatible with DLNA 1.5. High resolution audio formats such as 5.6MHz DSD and 24-bit/192kHz WAV/FLAC can be played back from PC or NAS (Network Attached Server).

    * Supports DLNA 1.5 Remote Play function. Learn More
  7. TEAC CR-H260i Audio System

    €299.00 / each

      Stereo receiver with built-in CD player and Bluetooth®

    Easy wireless playback from your smartphone via Bluetooth® Compact but stylish audio component with a wide array of supported media 

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  8. TEAC HA-501 Headphone Amplifier

    €799.00 / each

    A Full-Analog Dual Monaural Headphone Amplifier Designed to Maximize Headphone Potential

    Introduce yourself to TEAC’s HA-501, a fully analog, dual monaural headphone amplifier with elegance. Part of the 501 series, this Class-A amplifier delivers superior sound quality, a sleek, modern look, all encased in a rugged but compact design. The HA-501 supplies regular headphone listeners with quality sound, features and adaptable options that cannot be found in regular amplifiers. Pair it with your favorite headphones the same way you would a normal amp with favored speakers and take advantage of DC Servo Technology, Switchable damping Factors, High Output Power, a large Toroidal-Core Power Transformer and relax to your favorite music or radio broadcast.

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  9. TEAC HR-S101 High-resolution Micro System

    €399.00 / set

      Defining the Micro System, Stunning Audio Performance
    for the next generation

    The HR-S101 is a combination of the bible-sized USB DAC Amplifier, AI-101DA and a pair of LS-101 speakers, designed all-in-one for the next generation, who mainly use a computer and smartphone. The amplifier section supports Bluetooth® wireless audio streaming with an aptX® codec. Users can transmit high-quality audio wirelessly from their smartphone to the amplifier unit. Learn More
  10. TEAC PD-501HR CD Player

    €799.00 / each

    CD Player with 5.6MHz DSD-file-recorded Disc Native Playback

    The PD-501HR is a high-quality disc player with 5.6MHz DSD file native playback and up to 24bit/192kHz PCM on recordable DVD discs. Featuring unique VACS (Vibration Acoustic Control Structure) to control vibrations, separate power supplies for analog and digital sections, the PD-501HR really is an uncontested disc player.

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