1. Tangent Ampster BT Bluetooth Amplifier

    €199.00 / each

    Compact but Powerful

    Tangent Ampster BT is a mini amplifier with a big sound. Just connect your personal music player to the new Tangent ampster BT, and experience how your music can grow. 

    Despite the compact size then dont hesitate to plug in your big bookshelf or floorstanding speaker. Tangent Ampster BT sends out an incredible 2 x 50 Watts which is more than enough for most loud speakers. 

    Learn More
  2. Tangent Ampster X4 Micro System

    €399.00 / set

    Stylish Hi-Fi Micro System

    Tangent Ampster X4 Micro System is ideal as a starter system for a student or music lover who doesn’t own CDs but prefers to stream their tracks via Bluetooth from their smartphone or tablet, or someone who’s followed the vinyl trend and wants to enhance the audio quality of their new deck, by connecting to a stylish and versatile hi-fi syste Learn More
  3. Tangent Classic BT Active Bluetooth Speaker

    €349.00 / each
    With the Classic, Tangent offers a bass reflex stereo speaker with a truly stunning appearance that is dedicated to music. The most striking trait of this speaker is its superb walnut or ashwood finish, showing off beautifully its oval design. Learn More
  4. Tangent EXEO AMP Stereo Amplifier

    €299.00 / each
    The EXEO AMP is a 2 x 60-watt @ 8Ω, Class-D switched power amp. It provides plenty of power to the attached loudspeakers, pumping out the listener’s favourite music clearly and richly. Among the multitude of connection options are gold-plated RCA connections for a CD player, FM/DAB/NET radio, and auxiliary sources. Add a phono input, and outputs for recording, power amplifier, active subwoofer and headphones, and the EXEO AMP becomes more complete. Learn More
  5. Tangent EXEO CDP CD Player

    €199.00 / each

    A Classic CD-Player

    The EXEO CD Player is a multi-format digital disc player, capable of providing a wealth of opportunities for the listener. With CD-Audio and MP3 the EXEO CDP is an outstanding companion for a Tangent EXEO Amplifier. Learn More
  6. Tangent Fjord Mini Wireless Speaker

    €199.00 / each

     New wireless speaker from Tangent designed by Jacob Jensen Design

    Choosing a wireless speaker for your home has until now often meant a compromise between technical features, acoustic performance, ease of operation, an aesthetic quality. With Tangent fjord mini, this compromise is eliminated for the first time, allowing you to bring home a design piece that satisfies demanding ears, critical eyes, and curious fingers. Learn More
  7. Tangent Spectrum X5 Bluetooth Speakers

    €449.00 / pair

     Wireless Bookshelf Speakers

    The new Spectrum range by Tangent brings you contemporary design and style in a compact package. Featuring the latest wireless technology, the powered version boasts high quality Aptx Bluetooth streaming, so you can play your favourite tracks wirelessly straight from your smartphone, tablet, or PC/Mac. This powered version also provides 50 watts of power with DSP signal processing, analog and digital optical inputs for ultimate connectivity, together with a subwoofer output when additional bass is required. Learn More
  8. Tangent Voxel Active Bluetooth Speaker

    €199.00 / each

     Powerful Bluetooth Speaker

    The Voxel is a wireless stereo speaker which features asto- nishingly performance. The use is simple: choose an iPad, an iPhone, or any other smartphone. Connect yourself directly through bluetooth to listen to your favorite music in a flash, without even having to move. Learn More