1. Leben RS30EQ Phono Preamplifier

    €2,065.00 / each
    The Leben RS-30EQ is equipped with the CR-type equaliser based on the GE (General Electric / USA) 12AT7, authorised by the J.A.N. (Joint Army and Navy) standard of the US Army and can reproduce a very high quality and clear sound without adding any NFB (negative feedback). To avoid compromising sound quality using the NFB circuit type, one of the solutions Leben adapted to protect the sensitive CR-type equaliser was to develop a high quality 'Orient-Core' power transformer perfectly shielded to shut-down hum noise from the transformer. Leben have also selected the finest available high-end audio components to keep the deflection of the RIAA curve below +/- 0.2%. Learn More
  2. Leben CS-600 Integrated Tube Amplifier

    €5,100.00 / each
    The Leben CS-600 is a top-range integrated amplifier utilising the best components and workmanship. By switching two selectors inside of the cabinet, you can use either of 6L6GC or 6CA7/EL34 (not included) and LED indicators on the front panel will show you which tube setting is applied. Pre-amp In terminals on the rear panel allow you to use CS-600 as a power amplifier by switching a selector on the front panel, you can by-pass all the functions except the volume control. A wide-range and flat frequency response up to 100kHz is capable enough for digital audio formats such as high resolution streaming, SACD and HDCD. Learn More
  3. Leben CS-300XS Integrated Tube Amplifier

    €2,900.00 / each
    The Leben CS-300 XS is an integrated amplifier which would be a natural choice for those looking for an amplifier which performs beautifully and seamlessly offering superb sound at a realistic price. It has a great retro classic style which will fit seamlessly into the home environment forming and integral part of an audio system, and for many audio enthusiasts it is a must have! Leben has been widely reviewed and it survives some of the harshest critics to come out glowing, that is not just because it is a valve amplifier, just take a look at these reviews: Leben CS300XS Winner of the DIAPASON GOLD MEDAL 2010, the Six Moons review or the Tone Imports review (note the CS-300X was the previous version, this version is an update!). Learn More
  4. Leben CS-300F Integrated Tube Amplifier

    €2,700.00 / each
    The Leben CS-300F is an integrated amplifier with 15 watts of tube power - through the GE JAN-6197 valves previously used only for computers (JAN - Joint Army and Navy). They are low distortion and long life valve that Leben sourced many years ago and have been seeking the best circuit design to bring out the best performance in this clean tube. The driver circuit utilises a very high quality tube, the 17EW8 (Hi-Fi) produced specifically for hifi by a major Japanese electronics manufacturer. The result - a nice full sound and the bonus of a very high quality headphone output. Learn More
  5. Leben CS-1000P Stereo Power Amplifier

    €10,800.00 / each
    Following on from the success of the CS-660P, Leben have now developed an even more powerful power amplifier, with up to 100W per channel. With a similar styling as before, this new amplifier can operate in either Pentode or Triode mode via a switch on the back. With manual bias adjustment, it is made easy by a built-in meter and easy control, you don't have to be a technician to adjust it!

    Available by special order.  Learn More