1. ESOTERIC K-07X Super Audio CD Player

    €4,499.00 / single

    A New to extremity.

    There are areas to what beyond a line can reach. The conviction, was driven to the development of a new integrated digital players. Pour the essence of the flagship model Grandioso, technology and the amount and the K-07X · K-07X that did my wisdom. Learn More
  2. ESOTERIC K-05X Super Audio CD Player

    €7,990.00 / single

    Pursuing Radical Evolution, Not Nominal Improvements.

    Reborn with a new ‘X’ designation, the K-05X and K-07X command central roles in Esoteric’s superb lineup of Super Audio CD players, 
    and should really be considered ‘all-new,’ having been infused with the very essence of our flagship Grandioso models.
    These new players achieve the very tenets of Esoteric’s design philosophy, conveying to the listener all the emotional expression of music without a hint of stress.

    Learn More
  3. ESOTERIC K-03X Super Audio CD Player

    €13,000.00 / single


    The K-03X all-in-one player is designed to offer as much of the stellar performance provided by the K-01X as possible. Using the same design philosophy as the K-01X, it also derives its leading technology from this model. Its VRDS-NEO VMK-3.5-10 drive mechanism now incorporates Esoteric’s advanced VS-DD servo driver for even smoother spindle operation. Its dual mono DAC, also found in the K-01X, is configured with 4 individual converter circuits operating in parallel and summed to optimize linearity and minimize noise. It also employs Esoteric’s innovative 34-bit D/A processing algorithm. Learn More
  4. ESOTERIC K-01X Super Audio CD Player

    €20,000.00 / single

    Taking Sound to the X Dimension

    Four years after the release of the K-01—the world’s leading all-in-one digital player—the new K-01X debuts as a more compact version of Esoteric’s flagship Grandioso model. Utilizing the same type of highly rigid chassis construction as the Grandioso and a similar four-transformer power supply, it integrates the Grandioso P1’s high-precision VRDS-NEO “VMK-3.5-20S” turntable with two independent monaural DAC units derived from the Grandioso D1 design, each configured with a parallel array of 8 individual converters, which are summed to optimize linearity and minimize noise. Learn More
  5. ESOTERIC Grandioso P1 Super Audio CD/CD Transport

    €36,000.00 / set
    To create a moving, once-in-a-lifetime connection between music and a listener, the vitality of the music needs to be conveyed in its purest form, without stress. That is the ultimate mission of top-quality audio. ESOTERIC’ s P1 and D1 digital source systems combine remarkable new technologies such as ES-LINK4 and 36-bit D/A processing. It’ s easy to see why these new flagship models are called Grandioso, Italian for “magnificent” or “majestic” . Learn More