1. Dali Opticon 1 Bookshelf Speaker

    €629.00 / pair
    Small but perfectly formed, the DALI OPTICON 1 stand-mount speaker is curiously capacious with a compact cabinet that, despite its dimensions, holds almost five litres of air allowing for greater sympathetic resonance and adding to the pitch-perfect power of this deceptively mighty model. Learn More
  2. Dali Opticon 2 Bookshelf Speaker

    €809.00 / pair
    The DALI OPTICON 2 is our second compact stand-mount option that builds upon the power of the OPTICON 1 with a sizeable 6½ inch low-loss Wood Fibre Woofer and a 28 mm ultra-light Soft Dome Tweeter to make it musically meatier and bringing a little more muscle to the party. Learn More
  3. Dali Opticon 5 Floorstanding speaker

    €1,259.00 / pair

    small Dali Opticon floor-standers

    The DALI OPTICON 5 is the first of the floor-standing options of the OPTICON range. An exceptional stylish performance powerhouse thanks to the inclusion of the sensational 6½ inch low-loss Dali Wood Fibre Woofer working in seamless conjunction with the Hybrid Soft Dome/Ribbon Tweeter, rendering sharp, precise and detailed low frequencies. Learn More
  4. Dali Opticon 6 Floorstanding speaker

    €1,529.00 / pair

    Dali Opticon towering floor-standers
    with 165 mm woofer

    Standing a metre high and capable of seriously sonorous sounds, the DALI OPTICON 6 is a master of music that delivers thunderous bass and perfectly pitched mids and highs in unequalled equilibrium. Learn More
  5. Dali Opticon LCR Center Speaker

    €589.00 / single

    Dali Opticon LCR speaker (Left, Center, Right)

    The OPTICON LCR – a wall-mount model that’s combines the best of all technologies into a slim wall mounted cabinet that works wonders with sound. Second to none in terms of flexibility and performance. With airy highs, a detailed mid-range and a surprising bass, this on-wall speaker delivers a larger than life performance. Learn More
  6. Dali Opticon Vokal Center Speaker

    €498.00 / single
    Completing both the OPTICON line-up and any serious home cinema sound system, the OPTICON VOKAL centre speaker presents the perfect harmony of power and control. Learn More