1. Clearaudio Smart Phono V2 MM and MC Preamplifier

    €520.00 / each

    Clearaudio Smart Phono Headphone V2 MM and MC Preamplifier

    A light 620-gram phonostage that seduced the worldwide audio press. The only thing that is 'entry level' about this product is its price.
    The Smart Phono Headphone V2 additionally contains a powerful headphone amplifier within the solid aluminium housing for private listening at the highest fidelity. Learn More
  2. Clearaudio Satisfy Directwired Tonearm

    €920.00 / each
    Designed for use with a wide range of turntables and cartridges, the award-winning Satisfy incorporates a range of features normally associated with some of the very best tonearms.
    The Satisfy is supplied as standard with a Linn-type mount or can be used with the Clearaudio VTA-Lifter, which allows fine adjustment of VTA even during play.


    Carbon Fibre, Aluminium

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  3. Clearaudio PERFORMER V2 MM Cartridges

    €280.00 / each
    Clearaudio's V2 MM technology uses ebony as a resonanceresistant body. Other ingredients of the recipe for success are the most effective reduction of moving mass, an optimized polishing technique for the stylus and highly effective cartridge damping. Learn More
  4. Clearaudio Performance DC Package with TT5 and MC Essence

    €3,690.00 / set

    Clearaudio Performance DC Package with TT5 and MC Essence

    Complete package with newly developed DC motor and precision bearings and a belt drive. Tonearm TT5 and MC Essence cartridge inclusive! (Swing Base not included)
    The Performance DC features a built-in DC motor designed to deliver exceptional smoothness and fine adjustment of speeds, in conjunction with a precision-machined 40mm-thick black POM platter which provides excellent acoustic properties.

    Performance DC Black with silver chassis
    Performance DC Black with black chassis
    Performance DC Silver with silver chassis
    Performance DC Silver with black chassis

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  5. Clearaudio Ovation Turntable

    €4,530.00 / each

    Turntable of the year 

    The design of the Ovation seems both timeless and minimalist – maximum music enjoyment needs no embellishment. The new clearaudio "Ovation" turntable includes many existing clearaudio innovations and introduces new cutting-edge technology.

    CAUTION: without tonearm and cartridge Learn More
  6. Clearaudio Nano Phono V2 Preamplifier

    €320.00 / each

    Clearaudio Nano Phono V2 & Nano Phono Headphone V2 Preamplifier

    The Nano Phonophonostage isn't ruffled by anything. External interferences are no longer an issue with this fine piece of engineering.
    RIAA accuracy is better than +/- 0.4 dB from 20 Hz - 50 kHz. Signal to noise ration (MM) is improved to 81 dB. Distortion is reduced to less than 0.006%. They both feature a top-mounted power on / off button and volume control. Learn More
  7. Clearaudio MC Titanium V2 Cartridges

    €6,000.00 / each

    A jewel for your eyes and ears

    This exceptional cartridge represents a work of art for the ages: its 95-decibel dynamic range delivers the optimum for current listeners and may well also set a benchmark for future generations.


    Aluminium with ceramic surface layer

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  8. Clearaudio MC Talismann V2 Gold Cartridges

    €940.00 / each

    Simple, elegant, great

    Due to its patented symmetrical arrangement of eight magnets and 24-carat gold wire coils the new Talisman V2 redefines the performance available at this price level and reveals the sonic potential of the second generation 'V2' series of Clearaudio moving coil cartridges.


    Hand polished ebony wood with metal alloy internal resonance damping

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  9. Clearaudio MC Stradivari V2 Cartridges

    €2,800.00 / each

    The height of precision

    A name to live up to. Meticulousness of design, spurred on by a goal of redefining the best and raising the bar ever higher,  have led to a masterpiece of German craftsmanship.


    Ebony wood with metal platter

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  10. Clearaudio MC Essence Cartridges

    €940.00 / each

    Reduce to the maximum

    The MC Concept combines high-quality moving coil technology with a minimalist design.
    Take the best and make it better"… sometimes the Clearaudio motto proves to be quite a challenge. Especially when it calls for a brand new cartridge design that will improve upon our entry-level Concept MC cartridge but without breaking a key price point!.


    Aluminium-Magnesium alloy with ceramic surface layer

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